Puppet Workshops in Ottawa, Ontario

Grant Harding's Art of Puppetry Workshop is available for schools and day camps in Ottawa, Ontario. Over ninety workshops have been presented for over thirty clients.

The workshop is best suited to children between the ages of four and twelve. It is suitable for groups of up to thirty children; larger groups can be split.

Topics covered include:
  • what is a puppet?
  • history and styles of puppetry: marionettes, shadow puppets, hand puppets
  • design and operation of Grant Harding's own puppet characters
  • craft: simple rod puppets

Emphasis is placed on the limitlessness of the art form: a puppet can be anything and can be made out of anything.

The workshop will work in any venue, requiring only space and a table, though a television with a DVD player (or simply a Smart Board) can also be used if available.

Its pacing and contents have been successfully adapted to suit children with learning disabilities and attention deficit (hyperactivity) disorder, and for adults with physical and psychiatric disabilities.

The client must provide the following supplies for puppet building:
  • toilet rolls (one per child)
  • popsicle sticks (one per child)
  • masking tape
  • any other craft materials the client has to hand (markers, googly eyes, pom poms, feathers, etc.)

The price is $100 for a one-hour workshop.

See also the printable information sheet (PDF format).

To arrange a booking, please email grant@theabstractions.com.

"Grant’s visits to Plant Summer Camp have been an incredible experience for both campers and counselors. His passion and creativity feed life into his puppets, giving them each a memorable character. I have witnessed his ability to engage the imaginations of children from various backgrounds. Definitely a memorable experience!"
Lydia Gabelmann
Arts Camp, Plant Recreation Centre

"His performance was not only entertaining but incredibly unique and creative. Grant was accommodating in adjusting his performance to meet the needs of the group and he left with a room full of smiles--the children loved interacting with his puppets!"
Laura Burgess
Sunshine Day Camp, Learning Disabilities Association of Ottawa-Carleton

"Grant's puppets allow a child to imagine anything as a resource. Made of everyday items, they present no boundaries for children's imagination. They are not limited by costly materials, nor by culture. Grant's personal enthusiasm and interest shines through."
Merri Legris
Kindergarten teacher, Hopewell Avenue Public School

"Dear Grant, Thank you for showing us your puppets. We really liked Moss because he was funny! We loved making our own puppets."
JK/SK class, Osgoode Public School

Video shot by Shiva Ponnampalam. Special thanks to Phil Hoyeck and the staff and students of Bayview Public School.