Saturday, 22 October 2016


About a year and a half ago, I shared the trailer for my friend Pixie Cram's short film Joan, an impressionistic retelling of the story of Joan of Arc.

Well, the whole film is now online! Check it out:

Joan/Jeanne from Pixie Cram on Vimeo.

Pixie made Joan during an artist residency at DAÏMÔN centre de production in Gatineau, Quebec. The whole film is stop-motion animation, even the parts with live actors (a process called pixilation). The visual style was inspired by paintings.

I assisted with a few of the shots, including the candle flame and the pomegranate, and I played the role of the cleric.

I also made one other special contribution. It was winter, and one day on my way to the studio, I slipped on the ice and cut my hand. When I arrived, I asked Pixie if she had a Band-Aid. She said "Yes, but first, can I film your bleeding hand?" I said sure. So when Joan has her vision of stigmata, that's my hand -- and that's real blood!

For more behind-the-scenes information, check out this great interview Pixie did with Ottawa Indie Fest.

This past summer, Pixie shot her next film, the post-apocalyptic Pragmatopia. I didn't help out with that one, so I can't wait to see it!