Monday, 16 September 2013

Atlatl takes shape, part two

Something about the fall air seems to make me more creative and productive.  Maybe it's the memories of going back to school.

I printed out a couple of photos of Atlatl and drew on them to figure out what changes needed to be made. A gourd-shaped body seemed to be what I should be going for.

On the basis of the drawings, I adjusted, replaced, and eliminated some of the hoops, then went outside again.

This time I didn't have to change too much.  Moss was able to sit on his back quite comfortably.

Photo by Inta Dreijeris.

The most difficult part was the bottom hoop, since the body needs to be long enough to cover my crotch when standing or sitting.  If the hoop is too narrow, it constricts my legs; if it's too wide, it trips me up when I run.  I may end up replacing this hoop with elastic.

Photo by Julie Cruikshank.

I'm now confident in saying that the body shape is tentatively finalized.  I'll have to adjust it more anyway once I've built prototype legs, which is the next step.